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Version: 1.3-rc1

Transfer pCKB on Godwoken v1

This guide will show you how to configure, import and send pCKBs on Godwoken using MetaMask wallet. Godwoken is a layer 2 optimistic rollup solution and an EVM-compatible layer that builds on top of Nervos Layer 1. When Godwoken executes a transaction, the transaction fee is deducted by using a layer 2 sUDT token, which is defined as the pCKB. That is to say, Godwoken uses pCKB,in place of CKB, to collect transaction fees by default, and users use pCKB (ERC20) when making native token transfer on Godwoken.

In order to follow this tutorial, make sure that you have already installed a web3 wallet, and that you have successfully created an account and have enough CKBs or supported sUDT tokens in your wallet. In the current version of GodwokenBridge, a MetaMask wallet is recommended for users.

All operations in this tutorial are performed on the Godwoken v1 Testnet. For more information on the concept of CKBs, refer to the Nervos CKB. You can also check out the tutorial video by clicking here. To fund an account on with CKB on Nervos Layer 1 testnet, you can refer to Transfer tokens from Nervos L1 to L2.


  • MetaMask account
  • Connect Godwoken Bridge with the MetaMask wallet and switch the network to Godwoken Testnet v1.
  • Acquire CKB for your layer 1 wallet from CKB Testnet Faucet. The L1 Wallet address can be found on the Deposit page of Godwoken Bridge.

A deposit or a withdrawal requires at least 400 CKB.

Configure MetaMask for Godwoken pCKB

  • Connect to the Godwoken Bridge with your Metamask wallet, which will automatically add Godwoken Testnet to your wallet.

  • Go to Metamask wallet, click import tokens.

  • Fill the Token Contract Address with the info that you could copy from the Godwoken Public Networks page, then click Add Custom Token. Normally, token symbol and token decimal will be filled automatically.

  • Click Import Tokens to confirm the import of custom token.

  • You will see that pCKB has been added into your wallets.

  • Send Funds on Godwoken

  • Go to your MetaMask wallet, select pCKB in your Assets.

  • Click Send to make a transfer transaction.

  • Enter the address of the receiver.

  • Fill in the transfer amount, and click Next.

  • Click Confirm to complete the transaction. The Gas fee will be calculated automatically.

  • After completing, you can see the status of the transaction at Activity.