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Version: 1.4

Godwoken V1.4 Release Note

Currently, Godwoken is updated on a regular basis to provide new features and updates. The following release notes covers the most recent changes in Godwoken v1.4. You can check the full release notes in the Godwoken Changlog.

The latest update to Godwoken v1.4 includes the following changes:


  • automatically create account for undeposited sender in #710

  • export and import block commands in #754

    • export-block subcommand

      godwoken export-block -c config.toml --output-path ./blocks_testnet_v1
    • import-block subcommand

      godwoken import-block -c config.toml --source-path ./block_testnet_v1


  • always refresh pending deposit cells in #753
  • Add new argument finality-blocks to gw-tools stat-custodian-ckb … in #757
  • block-producer exit during bad block challenge by in #755
  • Update parse log in #752
  • fix(rpc): calculate tx signature hash using packed bytes by in #760
  • fix(withdrawal unlocker): unhandle tx status unknown and rejected by in #763
  • fix(config): removed block producer wallet config requirement for readonly node in #768
  • hotfix(rpc server): submit withdrawal missing data for submit_tx in #770


  • Redirect syscall debug logs by in #758