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Version: 1.5


On this page you can find tokens deployed on Godwoken.


Below you can find ERC20 token addresses on Godwoken networks.

Godwoken Mainnet

  • pCKB: 0x7538C85caE4E4673253fFd2568c1F1b48A71558a
  • ETH (via Forcebridge from ETH): 0x9E858A7aAEDf9FDB1026Ab1f77f627be2791e98A
  • USDC (via Forcebridge from ETH): 0x186181e225dc1Ad85a4A94164232bD261e351C33
  • USDC (via Forcebridge from BSC): 0xfA307CfdEA89DC197A346c338a98aC85d517af6e
  • USDT (via Forcebridge from ETH): 0x8E019acb11C7d17c26D334901fA2ac41C1f44d50
  • DAI (via Forcebridge from ETH): 0x2c9Fc6087875646112f66a3C92fEF2d158FAa76e
  • dCKB (via GodwokenBridge from CKB): 0x893474456C475E738b13DdA824979bF7a355DE39
  • More tokens can be found in this list.

Godwoken Testnet

  • pCKB: 0xE05d380839f32bC12Fb690aa6FE26B00Bd982613
  • ETH (via Forcebridge from ETH): 0x0902574C86aEc810B727fD08Aa186DBC20579c08
  • USDC (via Forcebridge from ETH): 0x630AcC0A29E325ce022563Df69ba7E25Eeb1e184
  • USDT (via Forcebridge from ETH): 0x10A86c9C8CbE7cf2849bfCb0EaBE39b3bFEc91D4
  • DAI (via Forcebridge from ETH): 0xA2370D7aFFf03e1E2FB77b28Fb65532636e0cB61
  • WBTC (via Forcebridge from ETH): 0x744f7bc43F8492A688AFEe373dfd41EAf5C6000C
  • USDC (from 0x30D4B957139785B979aF5312d71505809dc563ed
  • dCKB (from 0x7e54f7324902B72334827F40f613116F06a88845
  • BNB (via Forcebridge from BSC): 0xFB60eBF591bc5e363A24b67518339F0015Ad02eE

Godwoken Testnet Force Bridge Rinkeby assets faucet: