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Godwoken-kicker Command Line

Before running any Godwoken-kicker commands, it is useful to recap some conventions in all commands. Godwoken-kicker has a bunch of commands available for use, and the list of all possible commands can be viewed by running:

$ ./kicker --help

Deploy the local network and print service info:

$ ./kicker start
$ ./kicker info

Deposit 1000 CKBs from layer1 to layer2:

$ ./kicker deposit 0x618cc3C660cEBFDbA8570CA739b1744AE3E2553a 1000
$ ./kicker get-balance 0x618cc3C660cEBFDbA8570CA739b1744AE3E2553a

Redeploy the local network:

$ ./kicker stop
$ sudo ./kicker clean
$ ./kicker start

Execute docker-compose commands:

$ ./kicker -- exec ckb ls -l
$ ./kicker -- top godwoken
$ ./kicker -- kill godwoken
$ ./kicker -- --help

Available Commands:

./kicker --help
Usage: ./kicker [OPTIONS] <SUBCOMMAND>

--help Print usage information
-- <args>... Execute docker-compose command

init Init running environment
start Start services and deploy local network
stop Stop services
info Print some useful info about the network and running services, such as Web3 RPC URL
clean Clean containers volumed data
ps [service] List services
logs [service] Tail target service's logs
enter <service> Enter target service's container
manual-build Manually build services artifacts
deposit <eth-address> <amount> Deposit CKB to layer2
get-balance <eth-address> Get layer2 balance