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Decentralization Roadmap

Godwoken has a solid roadmap to incrementally evolve the Godwoken network from semi-decentralization to full decentralization.

  • Stage 1 (initial launch): The entire network comes with a sequencer to sort transactions. Developers can run their own Godwoken nodes in read-only mode and watch the on-chain rollup transactions to calculate and verify the rollup global state.
  • Stage 2: Introduce the permissionless challenger node, so everyone can run their Godwoken node in challenger mode. If the sequencer commits an invalid state, a challenge will be automatically processed by a random Godwoken node, depending on which node sends the challenge first. If the challenge has succeeded, the sequencer will lose the collateral asset on the layer 1 and the rollup's state will be reverted.
  • Stage 3: Introduce the permissionless full nodes. Multiple sequencer mechanisms will be investigated and explored.