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Version: 0.10.4


Godwoken is a layer 2 rollup framework that provides an abstract account model and abstract layer 2 transactions atop Nervos CKB.

Polyjuice is an Ethereum compatible layer designed upon the Godwoken account model. Godwoken comes together with Polyjuice giving developers the ability to seamlessly deploy and run Ethereum contracts.

Figure 1. Architecture of Godwoken

Godwoken Public Networks

Testnet and Mainnet are provided for deploying Ethereum DApps to CKB.

A Godwoken network can also be deployed locally. For more information, see the sections of Deployment.

Current Version

The current version available is the v0.10.4. For more information refer to godwoken-docker-prebuilds.

About Godwoken Beta

It is the responsible way to make Godwoken available while we keep up improving the system before the official release. Here is what you can do with Godwoken beta:

deploy contractyestrusted*
deploy ERC20 proxy contractyesno
run full nodesyesno
run readonly nodesyesyes**

During the Godwoken beta phase, the deploy contract feature is only open to developers allowed on the list. We need to upgrade the Godwoken beta or coordinate with developers in case of emergency. Developers or teams are welcome to participate in the Godwoken beta anyways.

Godwoken beta is limited to the following design choices:

  1. An optimistic rollup-based design will be used
  2. A single sequencer sort transactions and issue blocks

Beware of Scams and Rugs: Nervos is a permissionless platform. Anybody can deploy an instant of Godwoken. Users and developers must interact with the instant that they can trust.


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