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Get Started with Godwoken

Welcome to the Godwoken Docs site.

Godwoken is an EVM-compatible, layer 2 optimistic rollup solution built on Nervos layer 1. Godwoken - a key component of Nervos Layer 2 - works in conjunction with the Polyjuice EVM framework in order to create a scalable EVM-compatible solution for Nervos, that is, Godwoken.

Godwoken aims to provide a solution for dApp builders who seek the advantages of Ethereum - good infrastructure, tools, and documentation - but not the drawbacks, such as network congestion, high gas fees, oversaturation and scalability issues Ethereum faces.

Nervos Network has the vision to enable interoperability across the blockchain ecosystem with a multi-chain solution. And Godwoken is a big step towards achieving this greater vision.

If you are currently an Ethereum developer, Godwoken can help you migrate existing dApps to Nervos effortlessly. Allowing you to expand your reach and brand awareness in a DeFi dev-focused network, benefit from instant transaction finality, and low fees in an Ethereum-like environment.

This section will guide you on how to get started with Godwoken. Here are links to some useful resources for you to build on Godwoken.