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Deploy a Simple Contract with Hardhat

In this guide you will take a very basic smart contract written in Ethereum's Solidity, compile it to EVM bytecode, and deploy it to Godwoken on Layer 2.


  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


  • A Godwoken network is available for connection.
  • npm is installed.


  1. Clone the source of Hardhat.

    $ git clone --depth=1
  2. Prepare a simple hardhat project.

    $ mv hardhat/packages/hardhat-core/sample-projects/basic .
    $ cd basic/
    $ ls
    contracts hardhat.config.js scripts test
  3. Install requirements.

    $ npm init --yes
    $ npm install --save-dev hardhat @nomiclabs/hardhat-waffle chai
    $ npx hardhat --version
  4. Add the configuration of a Godwoken network to hardhat.config.js.

    Note: The Godwoken network can be a local network or public network.

    The following example includes the configuration of a local Godwoken network in the networks section of the hardhat.config.js:

    module.exports = {

    networks: {
    gw_devnet_v1: {
    url: ``,
    accounts: [`0x9d5bc55413c14cf4ce360a6051eacdc0e580100a0d3f7f2f48f63623f6b05361`],

    • is the Web3 URL of the local Godwoken network, which can be checked by the command line ./kicker info while deploying the local Godwoken network. For more information about deploying a local Godwoken network, see Deploy a Local Network with Godwoken-Kicker.

    • 0x9d5bc55413c14cf4ce360a6051eacdc0e580100a0d3f7f2f48f63623f6b05361 is the private key used for demonstration in the example. Replace the key with your own key when deploying a simple contract with Hardhat.

  5. Run hardhat on the local Godwoken network.

    $ npx hardhat accounts --network gw_devnet_v1

    $ npx hardhat compile
    Compiled 2 Solidity files successfully

    $ npx hardhat test --network gw_devnet_v1
    ✔ Should return the new greeting once it's changed (4376ms)

    1 passing (4s)

    $ npx hardhat run --network gw_devnet_v1 scripts/sample-script.js
    Greeter deployed to: 0x61acD6135A5F1d7046132EB43D59e0FC1264214d