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Hardhat Environment

After deploying a contract, it is possible to verify it using Sourcify.

If using a version of Hardhat prior to v2.6.8, the following code must be added to hardhat-config.js:

// hardhat-config.js
module.exports = {
settings: {
outputSelection: {
"*": {
"*": ["metadata"] // <--- add this

For users on version v2.6.8 or later, the file with a .json extension can be found in the artifact/build-info folder. This file contains the Standard JSON Input-Output of the Solidity compiler for all contracts.

After locating this file, open Sourcify to verify your contract using one of the two methods below:

Method 1. Import from contract

  • Verify the JSON file by dragging and dropping it into the file upload box and selecting "Import from contract".

  • If the JSON file is verified, the corresponding contracts will appear on the right-hand side. Select the main contract deployed at the address you want to verify.

  • Input the address and chain and click "Verify".

Method 2. Contract Lookup

  • Input the address of the contract.

  • Check the matching list for Godwoken Mainnet(71402) or Godwoken testnet(71401) depending on the network the contract was deployed on.