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Supported Architectures

The tooling currently supports the Intel-compatible x86_64 architecture and ARM (e.g. M1 Macs).

  • Intel-compatible x86_64 architecture
  • ARM (e.g. M1 Macs)

Supported Environments

The following operating systems are officially supported. Other operating systems may also be compatible, but have not officially been tested for compatibility by our teams.


Note: Throughout most of our demos and walkthroughs, Ubuntu Linux 20.04 is used. This is the preferred platform by most developers.

The default version of Node.js included with Ubuntu 20.04 is v10.19.0, and this is not sufficient.

For these tasks, version 16.13.x is needed. Versions lower than this may not work.

Prerequisite Development Software

  • Build Tools
  • Curl
  • Git

Prerequisite Wallet Software